About Us

Holistic approach to streamlining private capital markets

CapHive is a SaaS platform built exclusively for the unique requirements of Private Capital Markets

The complexity in Private Capital Markets has increased rapidly with increasing number of participants, rising regulatory requirements and higher levels of governance standards.  CapHIve’s SaaS platforms help with highly customizable management of multiple investors, complex computations, analytics, compliances, document generation and more.

In addition to increasing efficiency of operations (i.e. lower costs and lightening speed) for private capital markets, we believe that technology can increase levels of trust for all participants in private capital markets and help managers of capital/companies do exponentially more!

US$ 300 million
AUMs of Funds We Help
Investors of Funds Managed
US$ 25 million
Value of Secondaries Executed

What We Do

Multi-Party Management

Managing KYCs, reporting, follow-ups, documentation including generating personalised documents and highly access controlled investor logins

Information at your Fingertips

Real-time information on the fund, investors and portfolio including detailed drill downs with full audit trails

Complex Math Codified

We help automate the complex math and excel sheets needed for management of funds and deals including allocations, drawdowns and distributions among others

Single Source of Truth

Our cloud based repository of information and computations become the single source of truth for funds, their investors and advisors


Message from CEO

Ausang Shukla

Founder & CEO

CapHive was born with a simple insight that while technology has transformed most aspects of our lives, private capital markets – including (i) management of venture capital / private equity funds, (ii) management of multi-party transactions and (iii) management of relationship by a private company with its equity/debt providers continue to be largely managed in traditional ways despite increasing levels of complexity and participants.

We set out in 2022 with a team that brings deep experience in private capital markets and technology for capital markets to create holistic technology products that addresses the unique intricacies of this segment.

In just our first year of operations, we rolled out our two uniquely innovative products for funds and transactions. And we’re just getting started.

As you navigate our website, we hope you get a view of the depths that each product goes into, to address the ‘uniquely diverse’ requirements of private markets. We’d of course love to set up a product demo to help you really get a feel of the platform and hear from you on what additional areas you feel technology could be helpful for you.

We also believe there is great value for partnering with a wide spectrum of participants and would love to connect if you believe there are areas where technology may help supercharge private capital markets for you!

Ausang Shukla